Queskr helps you make decisions faster.

Use handy templates to send quick questions

Our Question Creation screen offers a few question templates for you to use, which can help you make decisions faster than ever before. You can even adjust the templates to better fit the questions you want to send out to friends, family, or fellow colleagues.

Answers ready in just one click

Your friends, family, and coworkers can answer the questions you send through Queskr with just one push of a button. It eliminates all the unnecessary fluff you usually have to endure in normal group chats or e-mails. Getting feedback has never been so simple!

See compiled results easily

All the answers to your questions are gathered in real time, and each result page shows who picked which choice in a neatly organized format.
Simply go to the “Answers” tab to pull up a list of the recipients and see who answered what!

Share questions

Each question you create also includes its own web link, which you can easily share with friends, family, or colleagues. You can embed these questions right into your social media pages or your very own website so you can gather even more feedback from your followers!

Create personal and professional Q&A groups

Aside from your public feed, you can create your own groups within Queskr for both social and professional channels.
Separate friend groups, family groups, and work-related groups allow you to multitask and save time all at once.

Mobile App


The Queskr mobile app can help you make and send questions on-the-go! Whether you’re on the bus, train, or jogging to your next meeting, there’s no need to fuss with a complicated system or type out multiple paragraphs. It’s the press of a button, and no more worry!

This allows you to make well-informed decisions on the products you buy, the events you attend, and the plans you make. Know all of your options, get all the opinions, and take on life with a well-developed perspective!

Web App - coming soon!


Queskr is more than just a simple Q&A platform—it’s a custom-built tool for the modern multi-tasker. We help you make the best-informed decisions possible by getting in contact with your circles clearly, concisely, and quickly!


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